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Favorite Movies

(under construction – WAY under construction)

Animated Movies:

Almost anything by Pixar

Catholic Heroes of the Faith: The Story of Saint Perpetua

Joseph King of Dreams

Lady and the Tramp

Meet the Robinsons

Prince of Egypt

Sleeping Beauty


Tortoise vs. Hare

Family Favorites: (please preview before sharing with your own family!)

101 Dalmations (live-action, Glen Close, Jeff Daniels)

Akeelah and the Bee (warning, brief language)

Darby O’Gill and the Little People


Ever After

Kit: An American Girl

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

Miss Potter

Nanny McPhee

The Pacifier

The Princess Bride

Singing in the Rain

The Ultimate Gift

Favorite Silent Movies:

The Passion of Joan of Arc (very intense!) (1928)

Modern Times (1936)

Safety Last (1923)

Favorite Black and White Movies:

Almost anything directed by Frank Capra

Boys Town

Bringing Up Baby

High Noon


I Remember Mama

Lilies of the Field

The Miracle Worker

The More the Merrier

The Philadelphia Story

The Pride of the Yankees

Roman Holiday

Sergeant York

Song of Bernadette

To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movies for Older Kids or Grown-ups, depending: (* = may need editing for older kids)

Anna and the King (Jodie Foster)

Band of Brothers*

The Blind Side

Brideshead Revisited (1981, Jeremy Irons)*

Driving Miss Daisy

Groundhog Day*

Henry V*

The Holiday*

The Hunt for Red October

Joyeux Noel*

The King’s Speech*

Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branaugh)*

Pope John Paul II (Jon Voight, Cary Elwes)

The Quiet Man

Regarding Henry*

Return to Me*

The Shawshank Redemption*


Stranger than Fiction

The Truman Show

Yours, Mine and Ours (Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda)


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