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We’re Moving Back to Studeo

September 26, 2011

You can now find my blogging back at my old blog, Studeo:

My apologies for the inconvenience (and thanks for sticking with me!). Blogger fixed what was problematic for me, made some lovely new improvements AND they still do some things (like labeling) much better than WordPress. I’ve moved my favorite posts from this blog back to Studeo already and then noticed that WordPress was starting to sneak ads onto my higher-activity posts besides!

Also, I really like being able to search all of my archives in one place. The labels here on WordPress send you to posts by other people with the same label. Blogger allows you to look at all of the posts on one blog with that label, which makes a lot more sense to me!

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  1. September 26, 2011 8:39 am

    That is great! Welcome back! Blogger has a new interface and although I am still getting used to it it does feel more efficient. I tried word press once for a homeschool group blog and yikes I was really lost there, clunky, clunky!

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