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Mission San Miguel

May 14, 2011
DSC_6469, originally uploaded by Chez VH.

The Church at Mission San Miguel was almost a twin to the one at La Purisima – the same shape and size with similar coloring and ornamentation (and there is a wide variety among all of the California Missions, so I found this similarity surprising). But it was very different – it’s an active parish, there was activity and many signs of life – especially that beautiful sanctuary lamp you can see in the picture.

While not as remote and “unspoiled” as La Purisima, the setting was more rustic and much less touristy than many of the missions we’ve been to. Although it’s only about a block from the 101, the town is small (it shares a name with the mission) and quiet. Only part of the courtyard is open to the public as a large segment of the mission is used to house Franciscan seminarians (if I’m remembering my facts correctly). There were a number of rooms housing interesting artifacts, including a large glass case filled with tools, weapons and other metal objects found on the grounds of the mission.

Mission San Miguel Website

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