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Prince Frank

March 10, 2011

Our Frank was chosen Prince of the Mardi Gras party at our parish on Tuesday (Royalty are discovered by a token found in their piece of cake). Just had to share his portrait.:) The Mardi Gras party was a lot of fun and the parish hall was decorated to the nines. I love how our parish also has a corresponding simple vegetarian soup and bread supper after evening Mass on Ash Wednesday. At that time all of the decorations are removed, not even table cloths can be found, and everyone brings their own dishes. It’s a really neat tradition and the striking contrast is a great illustration.

Hope you’re all having a Good Lent so far. I’m working on a number of simple things this year including getting into the decluttering spirit as usual. Yesterday, I simply went through all of our pens and pencils and got rid of a lot things, including most of the freebies with company labels on them. I also returned to the kids a number of their color-coded pencils and pens and so in a small way, it was really a lot of progress.

I’m nearly finished with Jesus of Nazareth Part 2, which is being released today, and it is a really wonderful book. Highly recommended for Lenten reading. More on that soon, I hope. Have a great day!

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