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Chesterton on Flexilibility and Freedom

November 27, 2010

We just got back from a lovely Thanksgiving visit to my sister’s house and I’m grateful for many things – including being back home once again! (And was the dog ever so happy to see us!!!)

Anyway, here’s another old favorite for the moment… I still think it’s perfectly brilliant and that a great deal of stress, anxiety and problems between people would be avoided if more people followed this wise advice. We fallen human beings have *such* a tendency to fight over trivial things!

(originally published July 10, 2007)

What a marvelous quote…

A man’s minor actions and arrangements ought to be free, flexible, creative; the things that should be unchangeable are his principles, his ideals. But with us the reverse is true; our views change constantly; but our lunch does not change. Now, I should like men to have strong and rooted conceptions, but as for their lunch, let them have it sometimes in the garden, sometimes in bed, sometimes on the roof, sometimes in the top of a tree. Let them argue from the same first principles, but let them do it in a bed, or a boat, or a balloon.

G.K. Chesterton, On Lying in Bed

Hat-tip Pipsqueak from the Common Room

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