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World’s Largest Maple Leaf?

November 21, 2010

(Post stolen from my husband’s blog)

As we were out walking this afternoon I mentioned that a 9 year old from Canada had recently found a maple leaf that he had certified as the LARGEST MAPLE LEAF IN THE WORLD!

A few moments later Bernie casually picked up a leaf from a leafpile laying out in the street for pickup. Since I hadn’t heard how big the world record was I offered her no encouragement as she proceeded to carefully carry it all the way back home.

This is that leaf (and Bernie) (more technical pictures at the bottom)

This is the letter that Bernie (10) is submitting to the Guinness Book folks:
Dear Sirs,

I found a large maple leaf that appears to beat the record size that we read about in the news.

My maple leaf (photos available)
Width = 16 – 5/16 inches
Height = 14 – 1/2 inches
(note: Stem does not extend below leaf so stem size seems not important)

Current record holder: “The width is 13 and 5/8 (inches) and then the length is 15 and 5/8 with the stem” [we weren’t able to confirm this at the Guinness site but we found it here:]


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