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How ‘Bout Them Giants?

November 16, 2010

I had to write a quick note to explain most of what caused that almost-month-long absence from blogging here. They’re black and white and orange and are the most recent recipients of a very special trophy covered with 30 flags. Yes, of course they’re the San Francisco Giants!

I’m a long-time Giants fan and especially got interested in the team in the late 80s build-up to the 1989 World Series (which was interrupted by the historic Loma Prieta earthquake and which, sadly, the Giants lost, but somehow, after the earthquake, it didn’t seem to matter anymore). Somewhere around here I have a rather odd photo of me from college wearing a Will Clark T-shirt.

I’ve always enjoyed watching baseball, since I used to help my dad score games when I was a kid. Understanding is most of it. The rest is the stuff you experience at a real game, the little things like songs and food and the wave. But in recent years I’ve only tended to tune in when the Giants reach the playoffs. That was the case this year too, but it was particularly fun to have my kids get excited about baseball too. John got pretty into it too, even though his first loyalty is to the Milwaukee Brewers. Most of them (the kids) participated in an informal homeschool baseball night in the early fall, which helped spark their enthusiasm. But of course the incredibleness of our team this year didn’t hurt!

We enjoyed some really exciting baseball throughout the playoffs. A lot of the games the Giants won were close, hard-fought games, and the whole team had to work together to make it happen. Not a lot of hot shots, but a lot of solid teamwork.

Ironically, a good friend of ours who, along with his whole family, is a huge Texas Rangers fan, introduced us to some of the interesting stories behind the Giants team this year which was an incredibly able team or rag-tags and rejects, including Cody Ross. He seemed like the homerun king of the postseason, and won the MVP for the National League Championship Series, but had been dumped by the Florida Marlins in late summer of 2010 and joined the San Francisco Giants on August 21st. And is this not the cutest picture of Cody Ross and his little boy riding a Cable Car at the Giants’ celebratory parade in downtown S.F. after the World Series?

We had a great time following our team as well as enjoying a big party with two of our local homeschool families who are Rangers fans (sorry guys!). Yay Giants! šŸ™‚

More about them crazy Giants.

Sometime during the playoffs, I don’t remember exactly when, I promised the kids that I’d take them out to ice cream if the Giants won the World Series. And so we did. On our way there, I said something to John like “Silly me, there I go making sky-high promises and we have to pay out.” His immediate response (aimed at the kids) was: “I’ll definitely take you out to ice cream when the Brewers win the World Series.” šŸ˜‰

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