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New Paid Positions at Chez VH

November 15, 2010

Sorry, we’re not looking for any help, but I thought I’d share an idea that’s working quite well here so far. For a few dollars per week, I’ve hired Gus to keep us stocked with homemade yogurt, Terri to be our official baker of homemade artisan bread and Bernie to make prepared salads each day. They’re each doing a job they really love (particularly Terri and Bernie), and loving the new allowance, we’re eating healthier food AND we’re saving money!

Who could ask for anything more? By the way, they’re also responsible for letting me know when we’re out of ingredients and for cleaning up their messes!

Gus (age 15) is getting help from our new Yogourmet machine. I’m  no longer paying big bucks for small tubs of yogurt (not to mention throwing away all of the containers!).

Terri (age 12) is using some of our tried and true favorites from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. And she loves to bake bread. The only problem is I can’t eat it. Ah well.

Bernie (age 10) has always loved making salads – the more elaborate the better. She often makes herself a huge plate of salad for lunch and tends to decorate the edges with beautiful slices of carrots or apples. So making a bigger batch is a small step up for her a big step up for us (I am the world’s laziest person about making salads for some reason!).

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  1. November 20, 2010 9:32 am

    Alicia, you have a multi talented crew. By the way I would eat all of the bread. I will have to try that yoghurt machine!

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